D.O.L.L.S. In-House Fastpitch Softball

Welcome to D.O.L.L.S. In-House fastpitch softball. Since 1969, D.O.L.L.S. has been providing the opportunity for young women to participate in fastpitch softball.

2020 marked the start of our second half century in existence, making us one of the oldest girls fastpitch softball organizations in the Country. We are proud of what we have accomplished and thank you for participating, volunteering, and making D.O.L.L.S. successful.

Please go to our new website to learn more and to register for the upcoming season.

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The season typically runs from April thru mid July with slight differences based on age group.

Season Overview Details
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The D.O.L.L.S. organization is committed to the safety of our players. The Downers Grove Park District has spent considerable resources installing lightning protection systems. Warnings from these protection systems must be followed.

Player Safety Details
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D.O.L.L.S. issues a Ouida Gabel college scholarship annually. Ouida Gabel founded D.O.L.L.S. in 1969.

Scholarship Details
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D.O.L.L.S. uses fields in agreement with the Downers Grove Park District. Click to find the locations of our fields.

Field Location Details
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The D.O.L.L.S. Fast-Pitch softball organization is funded solely by sponsorships and player fees.

Sponsorship Details
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D.O.L.L.S. has a travel branch, as well. It is named Rebels and information regarding this program can be found at www.dgrebels.com.

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